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Store | Rachel Dolezal | Original Art

Original Paintings

Three Decisions

Acrylic on Canvas

Fun & Games

Acrylic on Canvas

Connecting Thoughts

Acrylic on Puzzle

Original Cut Paper

Vessel of Perseverance

Cut-Paper Collage
13″ x 19″

Falling Behind

Cut-Paper Collage
13″ x 19″

Structure and Time

Cut-Paper Collage
16″ x 20″

Original Sculpture

A Young Man Meditating

Clay Sculpture Sealed and Finished
in Aged Bronze Patina

Royal Family

Sculpture on Elk Hide
15″ x 9″ x 1″

Truth Be Told

10″ x 5″ x 1″

Original Drawings


Charcoal and Graphite on Paper
11″ x 14″ | Framed


Oil Pastel on Fabric

Prickly Pear

Charcoal on Paper

Original Pottery

Mother & Child Bowls

Original Pottery
X” x X” | $XX

Path of Life Mug

Original Pottery
X” x X” | $XX


Original Pottery
12″ x 8″ x 7″ | $XX

Signed Prints

Dreams on Fire

Signed Print
16″ x 20″ | $65

Maya Angelou

Signed Print
16″ x 20″ | $59

Rachel Dolezal Art For Sale

If you are interested in buying an original Rachel Dolezal painting, drawing, cut paper collage, or sculpture, you’ve come to the right space. This page features all available original artwork by Rachel Dolezal, as well as a number of sold works available as signed prints. To view all art available for purchase within a specified category, click the “View All” tab below each category.

Scroll over each image for a brief description and the price. Click the image for more complete detail about the materials used and the motivation behind each piece.

Unless the image is marked as sold, each piece of art shown on these pages is available for purchase. If you are interested in a custom commissioned piece, please see more information on the Commissions page.

Signed Prints

Rachel has made available prints of some of her favorite artworks. You may buy these signed fine art prints on this page as well.

Creating with Resourceful materials

Rachel’s journey began in a teepee on a mountainside in Montana, where she grew up without access to traditional art supplies. She began to create with elk hide, eggshells, recycled magazine paper, and other found materials. Her current work showcases a mastery of her formal training in traditional materials, while also returning to her earlier resourceful use of materials -utilizing eggshells as a sub-texture for portraiture, creating color files with upcycled papers for collages, and molding elk hide into bas relief sculpture.

Feelings of isolation and rejection characterized Rachel’s childhood and continue to influence much of her mature works, with most of her figurative pieces depicting a solitary figure, rather than a subject belonging to a group or community.

Learn more about Rachel’s background on the About page. 

To receive Rachel’s monthly catalog of art updating clients on new art and exhibits, please complete the form below.