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Rachel Dolezal Fine Art Commissions

Artist, Rachel Dolezal, accepts a limited number of commissioned pieces each year for private collections and public institutions. For pricing on commissioned artwork by Rachel, custom art or group portraits, please send your proposed idea to Rachel at:

Individual portrait pricing is based on size as well as level of detail. Pricing for charcoal on paper and painting on canvas is listed below.


8×10” $400

11×14” $600

16×20” $800

18×24” $1000

24×36″ $1500

Acrylic on Canvas:

8×10” $600

11×14” $900

16×20” $1300

18×24” $2000

24×36″ $2500

Rachel also offers additional sizes, other subject matter such as landscape scenes, still life painting, or abstract compositions. Inquire with details about your idea and the medium and size you desire, to receive a custom estimate.


This is an image of Rachel Dolezal working in her studio.
Image of artist, Rachel Dolezal in the studio

Commissioned Artwork

Rachel’s RESOURCEFUL use of materials, RESILIENT spirit, and a REVOLUTIONARY drive characterize Rachel’s art. It is impossible to categorize her art other than to use the words above as she crosses seamlessly between materials, methods, and subject matter. She navigates fluidly through and between different bodies of work.

There is a palpable human spirit and celebration of the simple act of creating in her art. As you consider a Rachel Dolezal commissioned piece, you are considered to look through the Gallery and Store images. Consider the style or message that speaks to you. Discuss your specific idea with Rachel by contacting her directly on our Contact page. Your custom commission can be a collaboration between your own imagination and Rachel’s creative and powerful ability to bring life and resilience through basic elements.

There are some additional considerations you need to be aware of such as the space and lighting in the area you will place the art. We’ve found the following article to help you understand some of the do’s and don’ts of commissioning art.