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Redemption – ORIGINAL framed sculpture




Medium: Original three-dimensional art made of wood, metal and fabric, with acrylic paint and gloss varnish. Framed with a cloth backing and glass casing, with a removable back for easy dusting or cleaning.

Title: Redemption

Size of art: 5x5x3″

Size of frame: 11x11x4.5″

Mounts on wall or can be set on a pedestal or shelf alternately.

This very unique three-dimensional installation is a lifelike miniature electric chair, with fabric straps and metal buckles as well as a metal head-cage coming from the top of the chair. The title challenges viewers to consider that the cross of biblical times served the same purpose as the electric chair of more recent times – to punish criminals (some of whom were innocent of any crime) with the ultimate sentence: death. One of the most prominent death symbols worn by millions of people is the Christian cross, commemorating the story of Jesus dying as an accused man and then rising from the dead. This symbol gives countless people hope that there is redemption in the afterlife. The electric chair has become a common symbol of punishment, and the families of crime victims sometimes would watch the electrocution to gain a sense of closure or reassurance that justice had been served. In cases where capital punishment is the fate of the innocent, there is a deep sense of loss and sorrow. Perhaps some hope for redemption and justice in the afterlife or the next life. Capital punishment is legal still in 29 states in the US, but many are fighting to end this form of punishment to allow for redemption of the innocent and more humane punishments of the guilty. The tiny size of this chair makes a statement that no human would fit in its lap.


As with all art, various interpretations of the form and content are welcome.





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Dimensions 4.5 × 11 × 11 in