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Young Kamala – ORIGINAL framed drawing




Title: Young Kamala

Drawing Size: 11×14″

Frame Size: 15.5 x 19″

Medium: Charcoal on Paper

Framed with a white mat, black wooden frame & dust-free backing, as shown. Indoor lighting will bring out warm tones in the gray paper of the drawing, while natural light will give the piece a slightly cooler effect. Both lighting scenarios are shown.

This drawing depicts Kamala Harris as a child, with her naturally curly hair and hoop earrings, standing with her back turned to the Washington Monument in front of the National Mall. Hand on her hip, young Kamala looks confidently forward with her chin up and wearing a white top – reminiscent of the white top she wore for her acceptance speech as Madam Vice President-Elect.

Rachel composed this piece as a mother – thinking about how Kamala’s mother would feel if she could see her daughter take on such a powerful role. As parents, when a child reaches adulthood and makes a significant accomplishment, we think of their childhood and the first signs or memories we have of them exhibiting the potential for their adult achievements.



Additional information

Dimensions 15.5 × 19 × 1 in
Cut Paper Collage - 24x31"

$50.00 – Signed

Cut Paper Collage - 14x17"

$800.00 – Original