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Truth be Told – ORIGINAL framed 3D mixed media art




Medium: Original three-dimensional art made of polymer, acrylic paint & found objects. Framed with a black cloth backing and glass front, with a removable back for easy dusting or cleaning. Sculptures are attached to the bottom of shadowbox frame with velcro, allowing stability and also removal for dusting or cleaning as needed.

Title: Truth be Told

Size of art: 10x5x1″

Size of frame: 11x11x4.5″

Mounts on wall or can be set on a pedestal or shelf alternately.

This unique three-dimensional installation has four portrait busts of US Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and F.D. Roosevelt, all hand-painted in white and attached to miniature mantles then splattered with crimson red paint, with labels scrawled under each figure to allude to the specific human rights abuses they committed during their presidencies. Washington was a slave owner, Jefferson notoriously raped an enslaved woman, Jackson was responsible for the Trail of Tears which perpetuated stolen land & genocide, and FDR instituted the Japanese internment camps, referred to Black people as “semi-beasts” and re-institutionalized white privilege by giving whites economic advantages in building a majority-white middle class after the Great Depression.

This assemblage art marks the times during the summer of 2020 when statues of colonists, oppressors & confederates are being sprayed with red paint & otherwise defaced or taken down. The art of the statue is the initial art form, then the paint being sprayed on it creates a new statement or art form. In this piece, it has come full circle to putting that “protest art” into a frame, for a third expression or presentation.

As with all art, various interpretations of the form and content are welcome.





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Dimensions 4.5 × 11 × 11 in