“Shadowland” ORIGINAL fine art




Title: Shadowland

Medium: Cut paper on Canvas

Size of Original: 16×20

An original Cut Paper work on canvas by Rachel, using small pieces of up-cycled magazine paper from several sources, adhered to canvas and varnished with UVLS to prevent fading.

This intricate work of art questions boundaries and evokes consideration of definitions. Titled “Shadowland,” the landscape seems to not be land at all but rather water covered by fog. At the horizon, the sky is fragmented, seeming to form mountains -or maybe it’s just all sky with no solid form. One figure faces away from the inner tube and seems to be stepping off the boardwalk, while another figure is perched on the edge of the end of the boardwalk, perhaps about to jump off. Borders, elements and fragmented form create more questions than answers in this piece.




Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 16 × 1 in
Cut Paper Collage - 24x31"

$50.00 – Signed

Cut Paper Collage - 14x17"

$800.00 – Original