Reunion: ORIGINAL framed painting on canvas




Original acrylic painting by Rachel Dolezal. Gallery-wrapped 8×10″ framed canvas.

This painting is a continuation of the theme in my diptych, “Separation,” which illustrates the heartbreaking experience of a parent being separated from their child. This piece shows the child and parent coming back together, walking through an open archway toward a sunset that represents closure from their separation experience and new opportunities on the horizion. Inspired by the situation of immigrant children being separated from their parents, hoping for the day they have a reunion, but the relevance of the image speaks to a broader scope of any length of time that a parent and child are separated and then are able to come back together and move forward in life. the age of the child in “Separation” and “Reunion” and the age of the mother are mirrored in my own age and the age of my son, Langston.






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Dimensions 1 × 8 × 10 in