Possibility ~ ORIGINAL cut paper on canvas




Title: Possibility

Medium: Cut paper on Stretched Canvas

Dimensions: 8×10″ – canvas is a deep 1.5″ and finished on all sides, as shown.

An original Cut Paper work on stretched canvas by Rachel, using small pieces of paper, adhered to primed canvas with acrylic medium and coated with brushed gloss UVL varnish to prevent color fading. Sides of canvas painted for modern display, as shown.

This piece, created in 2021, blends a sunset into a starry galaxy, as the body of water below weaves between mountain and island forms. Rocks and snow in the foreground give the viewer the sense of being the main character standing inside this scene. The sun is similarly sized to the stars in the galaxy sky, invoking a sense of vastness, which the title also suggests.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 19 × 1.5 in