“Point of View” – Framed ORIGINAL triptych SOLD


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Title: Point of View

Medium: Cut paper on Balsam panels

Size of Original: Three 12×12 panels

Size of Framed Triptych: 20×49″

An original Cut Paper work by Rachel, using small pieces of up-cycled magazine paper, adhered in small pieces to wooden panels and twice-varnished with UVLS to prevent fading. Framed beautifully in a $1000 frame, with each wooden panel framed individually and set within a larger triptych frame, under non-glare museum glass for beautiful and timeless display.

Point of View is a sociopolitical artwork, where each image is entirely black & white -with the exception of the three girls, who are all in full color but wearing white dresses for a subtle shift in voice. There is so much going on in each panel, and all of the three panels interact with each other as a whole. This is not only a statement about historical events but also contemporary society as it compares to history and the future.




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Dimensions 49 x 20 x 2 in
Cut Paper Collage - 24x31"

$50.00 – Signed

Cut Paper Collage - 14x17"

$800.00 – Original