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Misaligned Mind – ORIGINAL sculpture with pedestal




Title: Misaligned Mind

Size of art: 11x9x7″

Size of pedestal: 12x6x6″

Total Height: 21″

Medium: Reinforced Plaster with triple acrylic finishing & matte varnish


Utilizing all three of the main sculpture techniques: modeling, carving & casting, Rachel created this 1/1 original sculpture with a distressed surface finish to produce an ancient-artifact aesthetic. The distress evident in the facial expression is connected in meaning to the disjointed alignment of the face with the brain portion of the skull, as shown. This misalignment also is paralleled in the distortion of hearing and sight with the figure. In a decade of over-saturation of information and misinformation online, it is increasingly difficult to keep the mind aligned with truth and compassion. Perhaps future generations will look back on this era with judgment, and the hyper-consumption of technology will be considered a less civilized era than what will come in the next thousand years. Sculpture is the only medium that has survived tens of thousands of years, surviving weather and outlasting countless generations of humans, and the oldest art that we know of depicted the human face & figure. It is in this trajectory that Rachel has returned recently to the sculpture medium to finish this piece. Her Master of Fine Arts degree emphasis was in sculpture, but in the absence of a robust studio space, Rachel rarely produces in this medium.

Note on Shipping: This piece is 21 pounds in weight, with a total height of 21″ including the pedestal. The price of this piece includes the anticipated high shipping cost due to the weight and size of this art. If you would prefer to pick up the sculpture in person rather than have it shipped, please contact Rachel directly at or via the CONACT tab on this site, and the price will be adjusted to take off the shipping via a PayPal invoice.

The sculpture has an embedded wooden rod that fits into a drilled hole in the top of the pedestal for stability when displaying.





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Dimensions 21 × 8 × 7 in