Made for Error: Framed ORIGINAL PAINTING on canvas




Original acrylic painting, “Made for Error,” by Rachel Dolezal. Gallery-wrapped 16×20″ canvas. Gloss varnish gives an everlasting look of “wet paint” and prevents colors from fading. Framed in a distressed white wooden frame.

This abstract painting began as a sort of stream-of-consciousness flow of shapes and lines, and then toward Election Day the piece began to take on figures and forms as a commentary on the inception and current experience in the United States. There is also the idea of internal organs and anatomy being prone to weakness or “made for error,” from the smallest form of life -the single cell- to the forming of nations, everything is vulnerable to human error. Viewers can enjoy the shapes and movement in the composition or discover relationships between figures, an astronaut, a human embryo cell, a woman tied to a stake, and more hidden imagery. You’ll find something new every time you look at this in person. Very textural, with thick paint.





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Dimensions 1 × 16 × 20 in