“Imagination” ORIGINAL fine art




Title: Imagination

Medium: Cut paper on Stretched Canvas

Dimensions: 11x14x1.5″

An original Cut Paper work on stretched canvas, by Rachel, using small pieces of up-cycled magazine paper from several sources, adhered to primed canvas with satin medium and varnished with satin UVL varnish to prevent fading. Sides of canvas painted for modern display.

Beautiful colors intertwine with human, animal and plant forms in an interpretive and surreal image. Folklore sometimes suggests that deer are symbolic of a messenger (did someone kill the messenger?), and vultures represent an understanding or digestion of mortality. Where there is death, there is also life, and the girl shows empathy as she assumes a posture that mimics a deer. Lots to unpack or imagine in this piece. A stunning work sure to inspire lots of conversation.





Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 14 × 1.5 in
Cut Paper Collage - 24x31"

$50.00 – Signed

Cut Paper Collage - 14x17"

$800.00 – Original