Connecting Thoughts ~ ORIGINAL painting on puzzle & wooden panel




Title: Connecting Thoughts

Size: 12×12″

Medium: Acrylic on Puzzle & Panel

Hand-signed in paint on the front in the bottom corner. Certificate of Authenticity available with purchase. Varnished with a thin application of gloss varnish.

This painting is rich in color and texture. The sheen of the triple-gessoed puzzle pieces and birch wood panel are similar to a leather texture with how the surface catches the light. The title, “Connecting Thoughts” speaks to the image and the texture, a young girl deep in thought, with some of the puzzle pieces connected and other pieces missing or disconnected. Commonly referred to as an “aha” moment, when humans connect thoughts and make greater sense of their world around them, the mind is expanded and greater clarity is achieved. When we don’t understand something or haven’t had access to a piece of information, it is like a part of a puzzle that is not yet connected. Recently, a puzzle piece has become a symbol for autism awareness, because children with autism spectrum disorder often circulate thoughts in the brain in nontypical patterns. Sometimes these new thought pathways create elements of genius, and other times there is a frustration or developmental barrier experienced. This painting is not overtly about autism but is about how thoughts in our mind converge during childhood.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 in