“Compass” ORIGINAL framed fine art




Title: Compass

Medium: Cut paper on Watercolor paper

Size of Original: 8×10″

Framed with cream mat and wooden frame.

An original Cut Paper work on hot press watercolor paper, by Rachel, using small pieces of up-cycled magazine paper from several sources, adhered to watercolor paper with satin medium and varnished with satin UVL varnish to prevent fading.

This radial composition is a swirl of colors and tones -flowers, leaves, polka dots, and water- with a pair of hands emerging with a braided rope, a small compass, jewels, flower petals, and wet stones. A small “passeport” tag hangs delicately from a bracelet on one wrist. Navigation, sorting through chaos to find order, and other interpretations are fitting for this piece. Framed in a wooden frame with a satin metallic sheen.





Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 8 in
Cut Paper Collage - 24x31"

$50.00 – Signed

Cut Paper Collage - 14x17"

$800.00 – Original