Compartmentalized ~ ORIGINAL cut paper on canvas




Title: Compartmentalized

Medium: Cut paper on Stretched Canvas

Dimensions: 8×10″ – canvas is a deep 1.5″ and finished on all sides.

An original Cut Paper work on stretched canvas by Rachel, using small pieces of paper, adhered to primed canvas with acrylic medium and coated with brushed gloss UVL varnish to prevent color fading. Sides of canvas painted for modern display, as shown.

This piece, created in March 2021, features a cityscape with six figures and two birds. On either side of the figures, DNA laboratory files are stacked in drawers, forming a building-like structure and underscoring the title of this piece. Of the six figures, two women and two men are seen sweeping, and one woman & one man are observing the work. Thoughts about how people are classified into groups or given social roles based on grouping are part of the concept for this work. The two birds in the sky are a reference to the two figures standing and observing – a symbol of breaking free from stereotypes or becoming aware and ceasing to comply with society’s definitions. The “Unit 173” and “Unit 144” labels on the filing drawers is another metaphor for coding and deciphering human beings by DNA and group, within the race worldview of biological traits being connected to behavioral differences. The light gray background and sky suggests that the two non-compliant figures -symbolized by the birds- might find a more liberated future, beyond these categorical markers. The split complementary color contrast and linear perspective add visual interest to the composition.

A detailed view is shown of the lower left corner, for texture reference and signature area.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 19 × 1.5 in