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Booklet – How to End Police Brutality & Develop Equitable Law Enforcement: a Beginning Guide for Community Members




This booklet is written by Rachel Dolezal for people who want to get more involved in ending police brutality, de-institutionalizing racism within law enforcement, and developing equitable law enforcement. Created for activists, nonprofit leaders, and civilian oversight of law enforcement committees, commissions & ombudsmen, this booklet includes a brief history of policing in the US, everyday actions for everyday people who want to be advocates for this cause, a checklist to assess your city’s policing process, statistics about critical incidents & justice, and use of force training & weapons. The booklet can also be helpful for law enforcement officials who want to better understand the community’s perspective and provide improved service to their communities.

Table of Contents:

-A Brief History

-What You Can Do

-A Checklist

-Critical Incidents & Justice

-Use of Force Training, Tools & Weapons


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