“Black Over Blue” ~ ORIGINAL painting on canvas

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Title: “Black Over Blue”

Size: 10×8″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas with deep 1.5″ painted wrapped canvas sides for modern frameless display.

Hand-painted original artwork, varnished & hand-signed in paint on the front. Certificate of Authenticity available with purchase.

A highly textured abstract painting, this canvas is triple-gessoed then painted with a mixture of squeegee, spray, brush and wiping techniques to give a multidimensional interaction between the black and blue forms throughout the composition. Deliberately eliminating lighter tints and white, this painting focuses on the presence of the black forms and the blue forms. Reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter social media banter and the more serious underpinning history of the troubling and dangerous relationship between police and the Black community in America, this piece also has many hidden forms that require the viewer to look more closely than the surface. Figures such as a small mourning woman, and in another area a tiny vulnerable child, start the viewer on a journey of discovery to see the whole composition – much like social media participants may dig deeper and study history to understand the complexities of the racial and social landscape in America.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 × 1.5 in