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“Baby Chad” Flannel Doll – limited edition




“Baby Chad” Flannel Doll 

Limited edition of 43 dolls total available, to mark the 43 years of Chadwick Bozeman’s life.

Because inside every new baby is a superhero!

Material: Soft flannel body with cotton belt, cotton/poly thread, and human-quality hair.

Size: 9″ height, 6″ arm span

As a tribute to the extraordinary life and career of Chadwick Boseman – and for all the children who have been inspired by his strength on screen- “Baby Chad” celebrates the superhero inside every new life that enters the world. One of the first things a mother or father thinks of when holding a newborn baby is what this child will become. Just the feat of getting into the world can be a challenge for some tiny ones, whether by pregnancy complications or unforeseen situations during birthing.

Give the gift of superhero vibes to a new little one with this soft flannel doll, or add a new energy to your own doll collection.

Please allow some a week for processing of each doll, as these are hand-sewn by Rachel


Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in