Anthology ~ ORIGINAL painting on canvas




Title: Anthology

Size: 24×36″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Varnished with UVL gloss. Hand-signed in paint on the front in the bottom right corner. Piece is unframed but is ready for frameless display with wrapped, painted and sealed 1.5″ edges and sides of the canvas, as shown. Canvas is double-braced at the back, to prevent warping, as shown. Certificate of Authenticity available with purchase.

This distress-textured word painting contains 52 names of individuals killed by police brutality or neighborhood vigilantes in recent years in the United States. Every 13th name is the name of a female victim, which symbolizes the lesser attention that Black women often receive in media and society than men in similar circumstances. The title, “Anthology” underscores the reality that each of these names represents a life story, so as a collection of names, this piece is also a collection of stories. The names blend into blackness at the bottom of the composition, suggesting that not only does the list of names go on, but these names form a collective experience of grief and fear in the Black community.

The painting techniques used for this piece include squeegee pulling to texturize the canvas with primer and add layers of color, which peek through in small amounts from underneath the white and gray paint that are the top layer. The names were applied with a flat brush and stencil technique, where marks from the stencil are left and some letters are smudged, to further express distress. The resulting textures in this piece recall an old black & white movie, representing the history of racism in America that these deaths follow.

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Dimensions 24 × 36 × 1.5 in