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Xpress Yourself -Identity tank to customize





INDICATE adult size XS, S, M, L XL or XXL

Tank top is lightweight, fits true to size, 100% cotton and is extremely comfortable!

Tank comes with a red sharpie so you can express your identity. There are many options to select from, as well as a blank box to fill in for each category or a box underneath the chart to check if you don’t like any of the categories. Social constructs & categories of identity that are deemed acceptable change over centuries and even decades. The first US Census listed 3 racial categories, for example, and now it lists 15. Should we keep expanding the number of options to select for race, gender and other identity descriptors, or should we ban the boxes all together for how we group human beings? You get to take a stand for who you are and also for what you believe about this issue by customizing this shirt.

GREAT tool for classes, workshops and seminars. Flat rate shipping means you can order 10 or 100 for your group -for the same shipping rate as 1.