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Hair Texturizing Kit (for relaxed or naturally straight hair) 4mm-6mm

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This kit is designed for use with a 4mm-6mm curl pattern weave with edges or a center-part or side part leave-out. It can also be used with a 4mm-6mm curl pattern wig or quick-weave with an L-part or center part.

Created for my clients who want to go natural but want to grow out their roots to a longer length before doing The Big Chop (cutting off relaxed or straightened hair). Also for use among those who have straight, wavy or mixed curl patterns but desire a tighter curl pattern to blend with 4mm-6mm curly Afro-style hair.

Hair is all about CONFIDENCE and feeling good about ourselves as women. This texturizing kit makes it easy to wake up with beautiful, coiled hair every morning.

Included in the kit: Living Spectrum Studios custom twist-out ties, directions with pictures, super-hold moisturizing gel, and extra-hold freezing spritz to ensure your curls are perfect every time and last all day.

What you will need: A 4mm-6mm curly weave or wig with a 2-4″ long part with 3/4-1.5″ wide leave-out. You can also use this on your edges if you are doing a full weave with no part but are leaving your edges out to blend over the tracks.