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Coolest Prince On the Planet: Youth Hoodie




INDICATE SIZE in comment section (youth sizes only: S, M, L, XL)

This hoodie is a protest against the H&M sweatshirt “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle,” which the company posed a Black child for. Immediately, my gut turned when I saw this advertisement. My son was called a “monkey” in second grade, and none of the (white) teachers or school administration understood why he was offended until I showed up at the school and educated them about the historical context for this racial slur. After I demanded that the school have zero tolerance for this type of harassment, the child who harassed my son was suspended -and his parents were so offended that he was suspended that they actually pulled him out of the school and home-schooled him.

Race is a contentious issue in America & around the world, because the painful history of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow and apartheid persist in present-day racist behaviors and attitudes. In 2018, there is no place for ignorance.

Put your young princes across the melanin spectrum in positive apparel.