Cocktail Sampler: 10 lollipops, 2 each of: Cherry Bourbon, Peach Margarita, Magic Mojito, Blackberry Brandy & Sweet Amaretto

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Lollipops are handcrafted in a commercial, FDA-approved kitchen, with the simple ingredients of sugar, corn syrup, water, flavoring & coloring.

10 assorted lollipops in this bouquet, 2 each of Cherry Bourbon, Peach Margarita, Magic Mojito, *Blackberry Brandy & *Sweet Amaretto

For the adult who has everything, For the cocktail lovers, or for anyone who wants to enjoy a good cocktail flavor on-the-clock (no alcoholic content).

Packaged tightly and labeled according to flavor. The tiny bubbles on the back of each sucker make it enjoyable to savor, and each flavor will fill your mouth with happiness!

*these flavors ONLY available in this bundle