5 lollipops: Red




Lollipops are handcrafted in a commercial, FDA-approved kitchen, with the simple ingredients of sugar, corn syrup, water, flavoring & coloring.

5 Red lollipops

This is a tribute to Michael Hall’s book, “Red,” pictured here. A great gift to package together with the book (available on Amazon), to discuss identity, labeling and inclusion. If you close your eyes, you will swear this lollipop is Cherry-Red flavored, but if you look at the blue color too long you might start to think it tastes …a little bit blue. This is a great teaching tool for how our visual sense affects our taste buds and our thought process. Don’t judge a sucker by it’s color…this lollipop is very definitively Red.

Packaged tightly and labeled according to flavor. *bedazzled sucker holder sold separately on this site.