Miscarriage: Original Oil Pastel on Elk Hide and Canvas

Miscarriage This piece is about miscarried goals and dreams, things that die inside us before they can be born. Sometimes there are no resources to materialize the dream, another goal is chosen instead, or other people shut down the process … Continued

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Regrets: Signed Poster-Sized Print

Regrets: A signed print of an Original artwork made with Oil Pastel on Fabric This is a poster-sized Signed Print, approximately 22″ x 30″ The original piece was inspired when I lived in Mississippi and went through a painful loss … Continued

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Untitled: Original Oil Stick on Elk Hide

Untitled This painting is emotive and can mean many things to different viewers. I created it in a time of deep pain and was not consciously planning the imagery -just drawing with large oil sticks as that was all I … Continued

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